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INKOV Ink and Pen Remover 200ml

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A fast-acting ink and pen mark remover designed to be effective against a range of inks and pen marks.  Inkov rapidly dissolves Inks, Ball-Point Pen, Felt-Tip Pen, Dry Wipe Markers and Permanent Marker from hard surfaces and solvent resistant fabrics.  Excellent for the removal of accidental permanent marker use on classroom whiteboards.

For hard surfaces: spray lightly onto the surface, wipe with an absorbent cloth until marks are removed. Wait for the surface to dry before writing.

For fabric surfaces: spray lightly onto the fabric, dab with a white absorbent cloth until marks are remover. DO NOT rub the fabric. Wash the fabric like normal once the marks have been removed. 

Features & Benefits


*Low odour – user friendly

*Water rinseable – easy to remove