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Deb Cutan Gel Hand Sanitiser 6 x 1 Litres – OUT OF STOCK

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Deb Cutan Gel is a highly effective bactericidal sanitiser which works instantly to rapidly kill bacteria, yeasts and moulds.  It is specially formulated with ethyl alcohol and propyl alcohol to quickly disinfect physically clean skin, and independently tested and proven to prevent skin dryness, even after frequent use.  Ideal for use in all healthcare environments who wish to use an alcohol based hand sanitiser, as recommended by the WHO.  

Dispenser options available on request. 

Features & Benefits

*Dermatologically tested to prove it is non-irritant 

*Perfume-free and dye-free

*Toxicological approved and declared non-toxic

*Contains glycerin and panthenol moisturising agents

*6 x 1 litres per box